Volunteer for PEACE

What – Hundreds of volunteers do incredibly meaningful and necessary work for PEACE. From graphic designers to photographers, from weekend cleanup coordinators to translators and editors—our volunteers perform essential tasks that enable PEACE to move forward.

Why – The dedication and passion of volunteers act as a catalyst for positive change, and for that we are forever grateful.

Who – Volunteers commit to different amounts of time, from two hours to a year.

When – Some volunteers live in the area year-round, while others are visiting for a short period of time.  Additionally, virtual volunteers help with our programs from afar.

Where – Communities and schools within Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca.

How it works – It is important to us that the volunteer experience is a positive one for all individuals involved, and that volunteers go through an application process in order to be placed according to their skills and interests. Every volunteer is an ambassador of the PEACE philosophy.


For more information, contact:  Valerie Ewell  valerieewell@me.com




"I had the opportunity to develop my own project and my own guidelines. By interning with PEACE, I learned to work in an environment where I developed the capacity to be more self-empowered. I learned how to be more extroverted by interacting with people from the communities, learned about their necessities, about their culture.”


Jorge Villanagra


"My family and friends have volunteered at PEACE for two summers and it has been an invaluable experience.  I believe strongly in getting children involved in giving back to the communities around them.  This is important not only because the kids learn that they have the power to help, but also because they gain so much from helping:  self-confidence, appreciation of what's important, and life perspective. The team at PEACE has been amazing because they worked with us in developing the right projects for my family. Last year we painted Casa Campesina. This year my kids and our Mission Viejo, California nieces and nephews, along with good friends, raised money throughout the year back home. This money allowed us to buy several much-needed fans and food that provided close to 500 lunches for hungry campers.  The kids bought the food, made the lunches and distributed them to the PEACE Campers.  We even put together a library for the Alternative Schools Kids to use!  PEACE allows us to be as involved as we'd like to be. Thanks to all of you at PEACE, not only for doing such imporant work for the community, but for allowing us to help, have fun, and teach our children valuable lessons about what being a good neighbor means!"


Rosalinda Markels, Summit, New Jersey