Community House - Casa Comunidad

How it works

PEACE works extensively inside public schools during regular school hours and through independent programs to increase educational opportunities and academic success for children and adults. Every program is free to participants.



Mission– The Community House program enriches lives through educational opportunity.  Working with the public school system, the program provides dynamic educational experiences for students.  Additionally, the program offers educational opportunities to youth and adults not enrolled in formal education.


What – PEACE provides education programs both in school and outside of schols for children and adults alike.


Why– In the towns where PEACE works, there are high drop-out rates, low test scores, a high percentage of youth not enrolled in formal education,  low literacy, and low parent engagement. PEACE is working to reverse these trends.

Who – Three full-time employees, and two part-time teachers and coordinators.


When – Year-round. 


Where – Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca.


Need- Books in Spanish for our fledgling community and school library.


For more information, contact:   Ceci Paredes

Casa Comunidad is located at:    Otilio Monano S/N

                                                    Emiliano Zapata, Bahia de Banderas

                                                    Nayarit 63734

Phone  329 291 5157


Annual Highlights

  • More than 225 children participate in the summer school program increasing their education time by 35%.
  • Free English and Computer classes are taught to adults and secondary students.
  • PEACE provides 25 otherwise delinquent children an alternative school, increasing their education time by 100%.
  • 1,000 students participate in science and dance workshops within their public schools.
  • Over 500 adults receive educational workshops, thereby earning primary- and middle school graduation certificates.


"There are also many opportunities to grow as a person, for me and for the kids.  I can watch the transformation of the kids.  I can see it in their eyes.  I love teaching youth because I believe it's the most important time in life.  We have to take care of this time."

Rosa Alicia Aguilar Elias, PEACE Alternative School Teacher


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