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You have the power to help PEACE in a big way: by networking, volunteering, interning, fundraising, and donating. It is your time, effort, and contributions that make you such an integral part of the PEACE team. Together we can strengthen entire communities from the ground up. Please contact PEACE and get involved today!




Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to Support PEACE

PEACE offers tax-deductible receipts in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


“There is a compulsion in women to make life better for other women and particularly children. PEACE offers an opportunity for me to do this,” Charlotte Rempher, PEACE donor and volunteer.


“Its easy to forget how good our lives really are but it’s even easier to forget those that are not as fortunate. PEACE has done so much, sometimes with very little and it has been our pleasure to contribute to that in any way possible.” Troy Valens, PEACE donor


Take action!

Just for KIDS  Collect Pennies or Pesos for PEACE!  A little change goes a long way. PEACE will give you some information about our programs, so that you can tell your friends about it. Ask for support one coin at a time!


Social Butterflies  Plan a fundraising party! Whether it’s your savvy social skills, your gift of gab, or most importantly, your belief in uplifting communities, we know you can help us make a big difference!


Business Collaborators  Become a corporate sponsor!

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